Thursday, July 15, 2010


I've seen quite a few Green Lacewings flying around. Now I normally have a pretty bad aphid problem in both my front yard and the kale patch out back. This year the aphids have been much less present than prior years. And lacewings supposedly have a voracious appetite for aphids, so I wonder if they are are keeping the aphid numbers in check?

I tried to release a swarm of ladybugs too last year but few seemed hang around. They too seem to love aphids. This year I have also seen quite a few of them, come to think of it. Gee, imagine nature keeping itself in balance without pesticides.

A long day ended by reading in the park: The Genie In Your Genes, a remarkable book that I can use at this point in my life. And walking the dog. And running into friends in town, and all the beautiful smiling Bellingham women. I think in life, that this is about as good as it can get, and for that I am constantly appreciative.


Anonymous said...

Hiya, Jeff: Do you take all of the pictures you post? They are terrific. JFD

Jeff Westcott said...

oops. not all of them. This one was taken from some site. Hope you are well!!

Anonymous said...

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