Saturday, July 31, 2010


The old Lynden Christian High School in 1965.–COURTESY|FOR THE BELLINGHAM HERALD

Today was an odd summer day. The cloud cover never blew or burned off Bellingham, and it turned to rain around noon. And rained all day. This was certainly an oddity, as it never seems to rain around now. And it was chilly.

But it's early evening ad the sun poked through and I sit in a quiet coffee shop working for a bit. A fifty mile bike ride today up through Lynden and Birch Bay, and after a night of interrupted sleep (fun funky fun last night) could lie down and take a nap right here. (But I probably won't.)

Two things that could have benefited from no rain today included the sidewalk chalk art festival, and my friend taking the roof off his house for an addition. Both which seemed to forge ahead anyway - not entirely unimpeded

A good day and ending to July. August traditionally has been the month of adventure, so we shall see what fun lies ahead.

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