Monday, July 19, 2010


Another picture taken last week from the Taylor Street Dock. When summertime is upon us, people frequently talk about how Bellingham is the greatest place in the world. And it is. Those sentiments sometimes change when the sky starts darkening on a cloudy winter day at 2:45pm and night will shortly thereafter fall.

But winter is a million miles away. Right now, it's another beautiful seventy degrees and breezy. Time to run down to Fairhaven on the bike, and then more errands. Although my life is busy, it has become manageable once again. Enough to watch a French film last night (even business at Film Is Truth is way off during the summer, so I've been told).

A Saturday bicycle ride down along SR9 towards Sedro Woolley, followed by a motorbike ride yesterday with my neighbor, following the same path, except a ride back up Chuckanut Drive. Livin' the dream.

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