Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Next day I went to the dentist
He pulled some teeth
and I lost some blood
We'd like to thank you
for the cards you sent us
My wives and I were all choked up.
-Neil Young

Let's see, what will my summer slush fund will be used for?
1). New Weber carbs for my VW Type II Weekender
2). A new roof for the garage
3). Camping gear
4). Repair a broken crown and some periodontal surgery

Guess which one?

And here is a very interesting post that basically summarizes all that you hear me bitch about:

Which is the Bigger Threat: Terrorism or Wall Street Bonuses?

By Wallace C. Turbeville, the former CEO of VMAC LLC, and a former Vice President of Goldman, Sachs & Co.

The current system of trader compensation will continue to decay the heart of Wall Street.

Which is a greater threat to the nation — terrorism or the relentless decline of middle income families? Unless we abandon our core values out of unwarranted fear, terror cannot fundamentally change our way of life. The number of people affected by growing income disparity is vast. When I was a student, income disparity was indicative of an underdeveloped and unstable society...

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