Thursday, July 22, 2010


Colton Harris-Moore disembarks from an airplane as he arrives at Boeing
Field in Seattle on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. The alleged "Barefoot Bandit"
is back in Washington state, where authorities say he began a two-year
multistate crime spree.

Summers and winters are quite interesting with regard to the energy level.

In the summertime, people are out and about and it's pushing ten o'clock and the sky is still light. And there is so much to do outside, that by the time you come in to relax in your easy chair, it's almost time to sleep. Movies, reading, or other sedentary activities are quite uncommon (unless the reading is at the park, or the movie is outdoors on the Fairhaven Green) and it's midnight by the time you collapse exhausted, only to have the sun peeking into your window at 5am.

Winters, on the other hand, are more lethargic and 5pm rolls around and it is pitch black outside and by eight you're ready for bed. The low energy level makes for a tendency to be tired, but on a different level. I think all mammals, humans included, have a tendency to require more rest in the winter - some obviously even needing to hibernate.

The movie rental place, bars, and everyone in between seems to realize that people will be outside enjoying the summer, versus being inside. Thank goodness for summer. Speaking of which, tonight I think I need some down time and will pop in a movie, even though I should be getting ready to turn in.

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