Sunday, July 11, 2010


Here is a picture taken down at Squalicum Marina looking towards the south.

A beautiful Sunday, following a beautiful Sunday, which followed a beautiful Friday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enjoy it that much, and it was spent moving someone's stuff down to Seattle. I am glad that business will no long require met to drive down there as frequently as I once had to. I try to take one day off a week to relax, and this Saturday was anything but relaxing. But after spending a few weeks traveling, I realized that weekly days of leisure may be non-existent for the remainder of July.

Sunday is meetings, and a business acquaintance staying at my place for a few days to refine a business plan and model - his arrival anticipated to be tomorrow afternoon.

Not much more to say, other than the Barefoot Bandit finally being apprehended in the Bahamas, after a cross-country spree that lasted years. I recall seeing wanted signs all over Orcas Island with pictures of Colton Harris-Moore, who eluded police for years. A failed DB Cooper?

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