Friday, July 30, 2010


Here is a picture taken a few weeks ago that is from Boulevard Park. After a bit more thought, I realize and am glad that the majority of summer is still ahead of us. Summer begins late in Bellingham, and can safely be considered July, August and September. Change comes mid-October, and November begins to turn rainy. So yeah, there's basically three or four months of predictable summer. And Bellinghamsters love every minute of it. But the nicest thing is the $40 electric and $4 gas bills.

Today, another chilly morning that will give way to sun later once the morning clouds burn off. And a funk jam at the Wild Buffalo tonight?

I think my dog sitting stint is over, as my housemate returns tonight. I think I've spoiled the dog, as she really hasn't been left alone for too long and has been diligently walked every night. What a sweetie.

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