Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Scrap metal at a recycling facility on Guide Meridian is lined with snow on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009.–KATIE BARNES | THE BELLINGHAM HERALD

I do not know why the blue lines in yesterday's post. I don't really care either. My quick attempt at fixing it proved futile though.

Snow started falling today and is still coming down. It's a bit late for this to be happening. Especially since the bulbs are pushing forth and the little cute flowers (yeah, I forget what they're called by they always bloom in late February) are bursting with color. I'll let you know some day when I remember them.

Above is a picture taken from the Bellingham Herald tonight. It's one of the most valuable products that we export - scarp metal. And many other scrap items too. Many of the ISO shipping containers arrive on our shores with all sorts of wonderful gadgets and gizmos, only to leave either empty or full of garage and scrap. I guess evolving from a trade economy to a service economy, your products are a bit more difficult to export. That, and the fact that service jobs universally pay less than indstry jobs, so a realignment {(ie, decrease) of aggrgate earnings (ie, income) can be expected. What is interesting is that our overall tax base will be decreasing too.

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