Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today was enlightening news with the US sending an additional 17,000 Americans to Afghanistan to bring our freedom- and peace-loving ways to the barbaric Afghanis. More pictures like this can expect to never be shown by the US media as the networks show us their sanitized version war and the remarkable weaponry that looks great but doesn't seem too highly effective in winning wars.

The picture above is from an attack where the UN found evidence that the US strike indeed did kill ninety civilians - sixty off them children - back in September. Reports indicate that NATO troops are increasingly killing civilians in thier attacks.

And maybe I am a bit too liberal, but I was under the impression that al Qaeda attacked the US on 9-11, and not the Taliban,who now controls most of Afgahnistan as a result of the US funneling butt-loads of cash to them during the Soviet occupation. From what I understand, the country used to be many tribal leaders with little power due the their vast dispersion. Only through the eighties and nineties did these tribal leaders evolve into regional warlords that happen to be increasingly well armed. And now the enemy of the enemy is no longer our ally.

I think the US will be in for a very, very long occupation in Afghanistan, although a friend told me of the perfect relationship this creates. You need not scratch too far below the surface to read about the highly lucrative global drug trade and the US complicity in this. Stranger than fiction?

Either way, get ready for more blood. Just don't expect to see it on your televisions in the U.S. Americans demand better than that.

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Anonymous said...

yes..how sad it is that we the USA
never learn..Russia occupied Afganastan for 18 years and then got
the message it was useless...how long will it take US??

Unca Don