Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Linux Ubuntu

Okay, so I have become increasingly less computer savvy in my life. My knowledge of computers peaked around the time Windows did - back in 1995 with v3.1. So I have a new Dell 1525N installed with Ubuntu (Linux) versus the increasingly fragile and shoddy Microsoft Windows. Linux is stable as a rock, but admittedly so, I need to learn to tinker with it. Now one problem is the sound which has not worked since I purchased it, but I have found some info on the Dell Wiki that I'll try out at some point.

Another problem I had was not being able to log into my Yahoo or Google accounts, but that was resolved tonight by clearing the cookies (Tools> Clear Private Data) and changing the proxy settings (Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings). One or both of these things fixed the problem.

As I use the Windows XP for work and the Ubuntu for pleasure, the jury is still out on which I prefer. The Linux is so much more solid and faster but has a bigger learning curve. It is an added challenge that I am willing to undertake, as with the new version of Windows reportedly having even more problems than Vista (as well as being more expensive and less stable), I feel the point will soon be crossed where Microsoft is dethroned. Maybe I am a pioneer, or just gullible.

Not much more to say. Didn't leave the house today, and my housemate is off to Hawaii tonight, so I will be dog-sitting Magilla for the next week. She already is mopey.

Not much more to say on a cloudy and chilly Pacific Northwest day.

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