Saturday, February 7, 2009


So Thursday night we are working on this presentation into the wee hours of the morning. And basically - as I don't like talking about it, as it raises my blood pressure - my computer got a virus and I basically lost everything. Again. Hopefully a back up will prove effective, But living in the electronic age, I've come to understand the meaning of impermanence. Iwonder if this web blog that I've constructed over the past 500+ posts will some day just disappear? But we reconstructed everything on my colleagues 1999 Windows NT (the only decent Windows product ever produced) laptop with a faulty power cord.

So I sit here in a coffee shop that I frequent when I visit San Francisco. It is a beautiful day in the city whose nickname currently slips my mind and I am sitting here daydreaming about riding my new bike in Bellingham and thought, geeze, why don't I enquire about renting a bike here for the day? There's a bike shop right across the street where I am staying on Van Ness. So although there are many things happening my mind, the wonderful weather and city beckons.

And I was tempted to stay in the hotel all day and watch the hundred channels on a snazzy new HDTV.

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