Monday, February 9, 2009


A friend suggested that we ride to Glden Gate Park on Saturday to hang put for a bit while we were riding around San Francisco. My memory of this park is that it sits at the top of a big hill at the top of Haight Street. But he showed me this route called The Wiggle. It turns out that this route avoids many of the big hills to get up to the Panhandle of GG Park. This was great learning an alternative route, as some of the hills on a straight course on a map can be tourtorous.

With that being said, I was amaze at the number of cyclists in San Francisco. I was surprised thouhg that not many wear helmets, and they are very aggressive in their riding tactics. I wonder if Bellingham has the same proportion of cyclists as San Fran?

It's nice to be back in Bellingham though. I actually stepped outside of SeaTac Airport and welcomed the clouds and mist on my face. But the winter is beginning to lighten up and signs of spring are emerging here in Bellingham.

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