Friday, February 13, 2009


Unfortunately I need to bike past this new building a few days out of the week. But fortunately, it is dark out so I don't have to see its ugliness. That will change though as it is is staying lighter out later and later. This picture was take a few months ago and unfortunately they never did anything more to this new architecturally depraved condominium. I thought they might at least add some barbed wire or graffiti to it to increase its aesthetics, but no. This looks like a placed I'd have a lobotomy performed; I wonder if the front closet has straight jackets for the 'guests'?

But at least they've tried to be creative here. And one benefit to owning this property (situated right at the increasingly congested railway crossing at Broadway Park - I hope the occupants are sound sleepers, although they probably are heavily medicated) would be that living inside of it (replete with rubber walls, I'd imagine), you'd never be forced to look at its exterior.

I wonder if this country is going into a period that will some day be viewed as the Dark Ages? Very little importance is placed upon the arts, music, aesthetics, morals, culture, literature, ...whether in academia or society as a whole.

But out of all fairness, a friend of mine who is an established architect in Seattle told me that the building codes are so restrictive and cumbersome anymore that this has enervated much of the architectural creativity in present day society. And furthermore, many new structures aren't even built by architects, but instead by craftsmen. An art that is another casualty of "progress". So sad.

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