Friday, February 13, 2009

Week End

A night with not much to write. A busy Saturday tomorrow awaits.

But here is a cool picture of Mount Baker that I stole off the Google Images. I hope to get up to Mount Baker for some vistas from afar such as this. Actually I think I should give some credits to the photographer: here and here. So I guess I didn't really steal them after all.
A few more days of no rain - just clouds. So that means a few more days of zipping around Bellingham on my new super light, one-speed bike.

I was surprised that the price on th above link was one of the cheapest I could find on the Internet, and I bought my at the bike shop around the corner for eighty bucks less than their online price. Bargains can still be found in your backyard. And to think that all the cardboard from the bikes shipped to their shop went to cover part of my backyard where I took out the grass last year. more to come this year. Or should I say more to go?

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