Monday, February 16, 2009

The End

Here is a picture of the farmers' market from the summer time. But the dry spell continues and it's been a beautiful spell for that looks like may continue for the next few days. And more reasons to ride my new bike that I have not purchased fenders for yet.

But it looks like tomorrow is the day we switch to digital television. Actually, we didn't buy the box, so it looks like we'll either forgo television, or buy rabbit ears to pick up the Canadian stations, which evidently don't have the electronics lobbying muster that the U.S. has. We only received one channel anyway, so it's not a big loss anyway. I will miss occasional breaks at 1pm to watch the Rockford Files. Or the eight o'clock movie they showed every night.

No big loss. Looks like I'll just listen to the radio more. I was never a big fan of t.v. anyway. Just background noise while I typed away on my laptop at night.

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