Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A late night but a beautiful day. I do not know why I have curtailed my coffee consumption, but since I was sick a few weeks back, I've been limiting my coffee and drinking much more tea. I guess it's just a phase. Maybe age.

Tomorrow my housemate returns and I no longer sleep with her ugly dog. Today we went to the soccer field to let her run and play, but there was a little football-sized kid playing soccer and Magilla wanted to play with the little football-sized kid, so that play time quickly ended for us. The kid's owner didn't seem too pleased either. Oh well. (In case you can't tell, I'm not a big fan of kids.)

One reason is I guess tht I feel sorry for kids being brought into this world. It would suck to be growing up in this age, as there really isn't a very bright future for their generation. I read today how this country may be undergoing a permanent decline in its standard of living due to multiple reasons. I find it surprising how the media rarely talks about how this is exactly what the effects of globalisation are. Bring industrialised nations down a few pegs while the emerging nations possess much greater growth potential, whic h happens to translate into greater earnings potential for the many corporatons poised to benefit from globalisation. From an economic standpoint this is common knowledge, but it's not likely you'll hear about this on the main stream media.

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