Saturday, August 21, 2010


Yesterday - maybe it was the chill in the air, or the cool evenings, or some other odd reason - the small of fall was in the air already. And last night was literally a cold night. Cold enough that I needed to close windows. I wonder if summer is on the wane? I said many times before that a mild winter would lead to a short-lived summer. I never thought that it would mean only six weeks of summer. And of those, a few were cloudy, chilly and rainy.

I actually love September, as it is usually cooler, still sunny, and the youthful energy of the returning WWU students (for better or worse) pervades Bellingham.

The picture above was taken around Glacier Creek last week on a hike. I hope to get to the mountains sometime next month to camp when the blueberries are out.

Tonight, I hope to go to the Acoustic Tavern, as I need to get out. A stressful week with a nice ending.

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