Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bonnie Prince Billy

Tonight at the Wild Buffalo, Will Oldham, or Bonnie Prince Billy, comes to Bellingham. I remember the days of yore seeing him play in underground indie clubs in places like Chapel Hill, DC, Columbus, Cleveland, Louisville and Philly, so I'm glad he's playing more mainstream clubs, as his music too has become a bit more refined over the years, versus his earlier raw Appalachian style.

I actually knew a close friend of his from years back that played with him and the other indie bands that evolved from Louisville, and I was able to speak with him on a few occasions (one time when we were staying at the Volkswagen Inn we asked him if he knew where we could crash - he said "sorry, I'm crashing on someone's couch myself tonight").

It's nice he's playing larger clubs where his following seems to have increased over the years. I frequently hear him on the CBC and KUGS. Although his music has become more refined over time, he is still an eccentric, odd cat. But it will be a show I look forward to, even though I have not been following his music for much of the past few years. I was told the tickets have been selling quite briskly for the show.

Should be fun.

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