Monday, August 9, 2010


A picture certainly not taken this evening. Today was a dreary day - a few hours of napping in the afternoon while watching a French film. The glimmer of hope always looms on the southwest horizon where Orcas Island lies in the rain shadow. There, one can see rays of sunshine peeking through that never quite make it to the mainland (that's how today was), where the needed rain made it a welcome visitor, but not departing too soon - and the realization in Bellingham it's always so much more pleasant being outside once you take the few steps to get there, versus looking at it from your little old-growth cedar and fir abode (from inside the weather always seeming less becoming), and I finally make it out with the gulls crying overhead and my little one-speed zipping about the damp streets of Bellingham immersed in the evergreen sea scents.

A half hour into my re-emergence from something I've not done in a long time (a lengthy afternoon nap). So I sort of need to hit it hard tonight at the coffee shop and should not be typing here. But a 1981 Dead show (with a perfect set list) is helping me find my groove.

Sun, warmth and good vibes predicted for this weekend's Subdued Stringband Jamboree.

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