Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I realized a few months ago that I would be very busy in my little world with these start-up companies that I am working with. Last January I realized it would be a hellishly busy year, and that has been the case. But at least I find satisfaction in my endeavors, and finally after four years living in a town with limited employment prospects, I might finally be able to match my earnings of the nineties.

But fortunately, in this lifelong exercise, I've been able to realize that there is virtually no correlation between money and happiness. For me, at least. I think having less makes you appreciate the simple things in life, versus being inundated with material goods. And the best thing about my lifestyle is not needing to set an alarm. I cannot recall when I was last woken by the abrasive noise of a morning alarm. I sleep when tired, and waken when rested.

Speaking of downtime, an interesting article in today's New York Times. I frequently leave the house without my cell phone, and eschew most gadgetry of today. I remember reading in the seventies that technology would create all this free time for us and reduce our work loads. I find these people that are wired 24/7 are never truly free from the rigors of work, and quite the opposite has occurred. Speaking of which - back to work at 9am on another glorious Bellingham day.


Anonymous said...

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Jeff Westcott said...

thanks so much. glad you enjoy it!