Monday, August 16, 2010

Subdued Hangover

Here is a picture of my camping spot at the festival as it started filling up. The stage was to the right - very close. So was water, bathrooms, tables,... I've been to my share of concerts and festivals and this was comfortable and cozy.

On one hand I want to say it was the best festical that I ever attended, as the mood was beautiful and although I am lucky to live in a wonderfully friendly town like Bellingham, it is always nice to get amongst the evergreens and relax; I think that all the people that make Bellingham such a special place all descended upon the Deming Log Show Grounds for music, fun, merriment, very little sleep and more music.

On the other hand I think it sucked. I say this to strongly discourage any others from ever attending. It was the perfect size (1,000? 2,000?) of mostly Bellinghamsters, and its success and continued increasing numbers may very well be its biggest impediment.

Too much to say, but you will hear more. Ending the festival with a hike up to Glacier Creek was a good way to end the day. Now to slide back into a Bellingham work week, with a pile of fresh, tasty memories. And speaking of tasty, check out this show I stumbled upon from where I grew up in Scranton, PA.

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