Thursday, August 5, 2010


Here is a picture taken a few nights ago from Fairhaven. Evidently the solar flares are creating some beautiful sunsets. A friend last night told me how he heard of these solar flares and the vulnerability of the electrical grid to solar surges and how this could conceivably shut down the electrical infrastructure throughout much of the country. I guess as I get older in life these things don't really get me too worked up anymore.

Bellingham is a pretty progressive place and the biggest enjoyment that I get living here is the stimulating, engaging conversation with the different people that I meet - either friends or strangers. Even if it's fringe conspiracy topics, it's still invigorating to discuss the myriad topics that make this complex world go 'round.

A hazy morning, after a night of refreshing rain. It hasn't rained in weeks and weeks up here (other than Saturday), so it was nice to see the clouds rolling in.

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