Sunday, August 29, 2010


One of the joys of owning an 80+ year-old house is that no project is simple. Take unclogging a drain, for instance. What should have been a simple project turned into hours spent over three days of unclogging clumps of hair and other grimy stuff from the bowels of my home's plumbing that accumulated over decades and decades.

Simple joy now prevails whenever I see the water effortlessly disappear down the drain. And while on the topic of water...water sourcing will be quite an issue in the upcoming years (er, actually it already is in many parts of the world), and I think Bellingham is in one of the advantageous position of not having critical water issues. And I would not be surprised if at some point in the not-too-distant future if places that ring the Great Lakes (including Detroit) become more desirable as the arid southwest's water crisis continues to unfold

The funny thing is, many people refer to the precipitation trend there as a drought. I have read that California, Arizona, etc. are not experiencing a drought at all, but merely the end of a wet period that lasted roughly a hundred years. A three points there were unseasonable wet centuries in the west - one in 800AD, the second in 1200AD, and the third began around 1900AD. To call it a drought is wrongs, as it is merely just returning to its normal arid state.

I welcome every drop of rain that falls from the Bellingham sky. While people may complain about the rain, I instead thank a god.

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