Friday, August 20, 2010


Working in a world of quirky entrepreneurs, one day your life is imploding, the next you are sitting on top of the world. Yesterday was the former (or maybe it was Tuesday) and today I am somewhere in the middle - or maybe a bit more on the positive side.

When things get really bad, I spend a good deal of time refining my Plan B. The earlier part of the week was spent wondering how I could escape the mainland and go out to Orcas to live on my friend's land and work his ten acres while he tends to his business in Portland. I would live off the grid in my VW bus and get a job in East Sound when the seasons permit, and otherwise raise chickens and grow edibles.

Fortunately, things changed for the better, and today I am back to my typical regimen of launching multiple companies, being woefully undercompensated and loving every minute of it. I am lucky to be a Bellinghamster and be able to tool about my daily life on my bicycle and meet with the interesting visionaries of Bellingham whose ideas spawn the industry of tomorrow. Even the invigorating 9am-12am days don't matter so much.

The picture above is of Deer Harbor, taken last year. I think another passage south is planned for Labour Day from Orcas Island back down to Portland. A three or four day offshore sail. Fun.

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