Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here's a piece if artwork taken from this site.

Pretty much weekly, I get people searching my site for gangs in Bellingham. It seems to be a trendy thing to have a gang presence in your town, but this is where Bellingham fortunately lags the rest of the country. Maybe there is some gang activity that occurs here, but I've not seen any indication of this, nor have friends or the media taken much notice of it. And I live near downtown where I might hear a police siren once a week, so I somehow still feel quite safe in this drug- and gang-ravaged city teetering on anarchy and societal collapse.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was some pass through of gangs, since Whatcom County is a allegedly a origin of the drug pipeline from BC down through the rest of the United States. I once knew of a woman down on 22nd Street that used to complain about a black man the moved into her apartment complex and blared offensive music all day and used foul language and yelled at his girlfriend and drove a Cadillac Escalade with shiny wheels - she told me he just moved up from California and was involved in a gang.

A friend told me about a gang here called the Tofu Posse. But instead of guns and knives, their weapons are bongs and patchouli oil.

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