Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Another beautiful day with the first quarter moon climbing the sky. Not much to say tonight. I forget that August in Bellingham is typically a time when vacations occur. There are not many people in town and it can be a bit challenging to conduct business.

But early to bed tonight, after getting caught up on sleep from the weekend. Here is a picture from the magical Cascades taken last Sunday. We had a resident pit bull that stayed a few nights with us until the owner cold be found. She called this morning (a Craigslist ad proved successful) and picked her dog up around 9:30am. What a sweet dog. But we are back down to a one-dog household.


Tshombe said...

You, Sir, are a saint. Always caring for others.

Jeff Westcott said...

It was my housemate's idea, not mine. Hope you are well. May be in PDX Labor Day.