Monday, June 29, 2009

Bedford, PA

As in most of my journeys around Pennsylvania by car, I usually take the low road when the opportunity presents itself. Today was one such opportunity, and I gave myself enough time to take the Lincoln Highway across much of lower Pennsylvania. This trip back east was much better than my stay in Pittsburgh, and today I wound down my trip and look forward to my return to Bellingham. The weather here has been very Bellingham like (rainy cloudy and cooler) , while the weather in Bellingham has been beautiful.

Yet still, I enjoy how lush everything is, and the smells of life bursting forth. The spring weather can be nasty here and last Friday a horendous fron blew through with winds gusting to 60+ miles per hour. I was a litle concerned because my tent was pitched quite near the Susquehanna River and if it didn't get washed away, I feard it would get blown away. Fortunately, I staked it, and when I went to check it in the evening, it was bone dry inside and solidly pitched. I also bought the ground cloth for it, which probaly also helped keep it intact. Not bad for a hundred dollar tent.

Oh well, the highway beckons so my time in Beford at this little coffee shop will be very short lived. Bedford is like a thousand other little quaint towns that dot the landscape of Pennsylvania. Off to a friend's place in the Laurel Highlands (on my way back) before I stay at my sister's for a very early flight home. It's nice living in a town like Bllingham (and working at a job) that you really look forward to coming home to.

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