Monday, June 8, 2009


When you eat nothing but raw fruits and vegetables for a few days, the lack of consuming substance take on more of a psychological element versus the physical. It's been since Thursday since I had nothing but copious amounts of fruits, veggies, and right now some veggie broth.

I lost ten pounds in the few days, mainly because I eat a ton of crap usually, and burn off the calories by biking. If I ever reduced my cycling, I would drastically need to reduce my caloric intake. Oops, I did have a tiny square of chocolate too, and tonight I might have another. I designed the cleanse, so I guess I can add something like chocolate to it the list of acceptable items.

But I did feel a sense of lessened energy riding to Happy Valley this evening. Oh, and I got a call this morning where a tree service had a load of wood chips (pine, spruce and fir) that they could drop at my place to cover the front yard. Sixteen friggin' yards of wood chips and pine needles and branches piled high in the front yard. So the Monday (which are usually busy) was even made more hectic by this surprise phone call. But the yard looks mch better than the exposed cardboard. I am sure my neighbors breathed a sigh of relief. And many, many people biking or walking by stopped to tell us what a wonderful thing we are doing by removing the yard.Hopefully others will follow suit.

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