Friday, June 19, 2009


An uneventful flight into Pittsburgh yesterday. I am spoiled when my flights actually depart on time and arrive early. I was in a relaxed mood and flying (so infrequently) actually makes for a pleasurable time. My return to my old haunts of Pittsburgh are usually without much joy, and although I seek out some semblance of fondness for this town and its inhabitants, I fail to uncover it.

Business and family bring me here, and will not miss seeing it in my rear-view mirror as I depart early next week. Sad to say, but I cannot sugarcoat my feelings here. This city is dirty, worn and forlorn, and I miss the warmth of Bellingham already. I feel like Phaedrus on his return to Montana and the reemerging specters of the past. But I think you need a few crummy years in life to truly appreciate the good ones. And it's not really the city of Pittsburgh, but moreso the time in my life when I spent here.

But I did meet up with an old friend this morning, and was able to take the Mon Incline into town. A hot, humid day today with soupy skies. Off to visit a friend in the Laurel Highlands this evening. Then back tomorrow for more family.

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