Monday, June 15, 2009

More Orcas

So it looks like the orca whales are still on the western side of Vancouver Island, as the salmon haven't come through the strait yet due to the lack of rain. And because of that, the guy that owned the whale watching boat at the ferry dock (who owned a BMW 1976 R75/6) told me that business was off this year. In fact, he said business around the island (lodging, etc.) was off 35% year-over-year. I found this to be odd: as the economy is so crappy, I thought that more people would be vacationing closer to home. Maybe they're just camping out in their fifty thousand dollar SUVs in Costco parking lots.

But economically, I think we are much worse off than the media indicates. My expectation is that we'll see a slight economic bounce, only to be followed by a last gasp as the second wave of foreclosures inundates the market with Option ARM recasts and Alt-A resets (larger than the subprime meltdown) awaiting us in 2010. But only time will tell.

The picture abouve is from the sail we took on Friday afternoon as the sun was dropping low in the sky.

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