Tuesday, June 30, 2009


At 30,000 feet, I look back upon the wonderful trip I had over hill and dale through the different cities and towns of (primarily) Pennsylvania. There are many of the beautiful towns, and I imagine what their grand pasts held when each town was a little agricultural or industrial center for producing the myriad items consumed throughout the country and world. Unfortunately, times have changed, and many of the main streets have transformed to trades catering to the tourist and service economy and the factories are all shuttered and overgrown. But the memories pour forth, and some of my best times are driving through the Appalachian Mountains to see all sorts of the city and (mostly) country folk.

But a leisurely drive across the old roads of Pennsylvania was a refreshing way to end my trip back east. I look forward to returning home to Bellingham, and although my life will be stress filled with continuing to build out businesses, I am overjoyed with being able to bike everywhere and not be car dependent (how awful), and not having to spend my days choosing between sweltering heat or frigid air conditioning. I will gladly trade the east coast stress for that of the west.

But as much as I miss parts of Pennsylvania, Washington is now my home, and with the rigors of the east being behind me, I can now begin my summer vacation in Bellingham. Although I get all mushy over the fun times I have (in Clarks Summit and beyond) and wax nostalgic, I fortunately love returning to my Washington home. And the views of the peaks of Mt. Adams, Hood, Rainier and St. Helens are second to none while flying in to SeaTac.

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