Thursday, July 2, 2009


Back at home in my comfortable little coal miner's house in Bellingham, Washington. It amazes me how the people in my visits could never conceive of a lifestyle not centered around the automobile. The thing I always miss the most are my bicycles, and the most refreshing thing is getting back on (after an absence) and see the friendly people around town. Don't get me wrong, many of the Bellinghamsters live the typical suburban lifestyle where they drive everywhere and rarely need to encounter another human outside of their secured vehicles, but I am fortunate to have fallen in with those more inclined to be outside.

And the weather continues to be great, so all sorts of people are out on their bikes - a thoroughly welcome and refreshing site. And the number of cyclists still appear to be increasing - most notably among the older demographic here. Unlike many other areas where bikes are ridden primarily for pleasure or exercise, people here seem to bike because it makes so much sense and this city (and county) is ideal for cycling.

And after staying with many people in my recent travels back east, it is always so nice to come back to my home here. It is a good place to be in life when you are satisfied with your modest lifestyle in the city of subdued excitement.

Oh, and the picture was stolen from this site.

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