Monday, July 20, 2009


Here is a video taken Saturday in the later afternoon somewhere near San Juan, Whidbey and Lopez Islands. The winds were sustained in the mid-twenties. with seas three-to-five feet but building to eight-to-ten. What really created tricky navigation though was the flood tide rushing th rough the channel between Lopez and San Juan Islands, creating a soupy cauldron of sea for us to push through.

But it was a great time and for being away only a short time. My friend has a ton of sailing books aboard his boat, and one that I was lent is called Adrift, an interesting story that discusses the cchallanges faced by a sailor adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. I do not know why we intentionally place ourselves in harm's way in such situations. Sailing by any stretch is dangerous, tiring and generally unpleasant. But the feelings quickly come back to me of my attraction to the smells and sounds and sensations of the water, and on the ferry ride back we were already making plans for our next trip - hopefully to Victoria in a few weeks.

But now it is Monday and I am bac to the daily grind. I am writing this afternoon from the food co-op in Mt. Vernin waiting to catch the 80x back to Bellingham in an hour or so.

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