Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Actually today was quite grey. And drizzly. But it was so very refreshing after the weather we've had. A day of low clouds in the fifties. So today I rode my lunky cruiser (foul weather) versus my nice weather bike. Although it's much heavier, I could take the rail trail (I think that's what they call it) along the bay with the sun having long set. Coming down the Taylor Street dock with the mist on my face looking upon all the sailboats anchored near Fairhaven was indeed one of those magical moments. It's always nice to get wet on nights like tonight, and I am always grateful to come home to a warm, dry house.

And another score was the opportunity to deliver a boat from Seattle to Orcas Island next weekend. And not just a boat, might I add, but a Hallberg Rassy 46. This is a boat that I used to dream about when I was working at a photo processing booth in undergrad while I used to wile away my idle time reading SAIL magazine. But I do have my bareboat certificate and logged probably 5,000 miles, much of it single-handed, so I could probably skipper this boat. But I am releived that I won't be. More stories sure to come.

And the blueberries are ripening well.

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