Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today was hot. But I really dislike air conditioning, but in town it wasn't hard to find something absolutely frigid, like I recall places to be Back East all summer while the temps lingered there in the nineties for weeks on end.

I tried to recall the hottest place I ever slept, and that turned out to be in in the nineteen eighties living on the top floor of a fraternity house at 35th and Race Streets in West Philadelphia in a loft with my face being merely feet from the roof tossing and turning after the hundred degree heat pounded the flat tar surface all day. So yeah, ninety degrees and a breeze ain't so bad.

Working the Food Bank tonight and then on to watch the sun set. I can never see enough of these. My batteries died and by the time I motivated myself to replace them ad shoot this video, Old Sol had disappeared (see video).

At least the heat will break and tomorrow. People talk about crummy sleep. Me too. The temperatures will continue to slide into the more seasonal seventies with night time lows in the fifties. And hopefully the one week of intolerable summer weather that Bellingham has will be behind us.

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