Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Tis the time of the year where you are lucky to have an omelet with kale and oregano for lunch and a salad with peas for dinner - al from the back yard. Some day I will be able to also provide the eggs and potatoes. And the hops came back after what I thought was a devastating winter. All the other crops are doing well as summer is in full swing. The squirrels and rooster both have taken a liking to the blueberries, so decisions will soon need to be made strategically against those too who favor the yummy blueberries.

A weekend ahead of me and Magilla, as my housemate heads out to kayak and camp. The weeks are full of work and other things, only to look forward to a full weekend of play. Hopefully it will be relaxing and I can catch up on gardening. And a thousand other things.

Need to pick up chicken feed tomorrow. Those eggs-to-be-seen are getting to be pretty pricey. But I cannot wait for how good fresh eggs will be. At least the chickens seem to like their lives. But I wonder if the eggs will taste like blueberries.

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