Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today a day of remembering what sweltering heat feels like. I think it was in the high eighties. I explained to a friend what it was like spending a month or two in weather like this with matching humidity. All the fans are sold out in Bellingham, I've been told. A day where it actually wasn't too hot when you are doing something sedentary, like reading, but as soon as you did anything, you break into a profuse sweat. But now it's night and coolness has settled on the city.

Not much more to say. The picture above is one that my housemate took of Baker Lake (I believe) this past weekend. In a few weeks I hope to head up to the mountains to camp. so much to do in town, but I will make a few more out-of-town journeys by the end of the summer. To sea by boat, to the mountains on foot, and across SR20 (the North Cascades Highway) on my motorbike. Too little time.


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Mauricio said...

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