Monday, July 13, 2009


Well I've never seen this piece of art (the Fremont Troll), the my housemate had this picture on her camera.

Well today it was confirmed by my neighbor that I am a dumbass. Sixty five miles into a bike ride and about to collapse was most likely attributable to drinking only water most of the ride and eating only one Clif Bar. I guess it could've been far worse, so hopefully I learned to take enough nutrients the next trip out on my faithful road bike.

But today's cold weather made way for a great sunset and we went down to watch the sun set at the park. And although the wind was modest at ground level, once my kite go carried above the trees, it was quite steady. I read that this type of kite (below, I have the red one) is called the French Military kite and was used in the nineteenth century for reconnaissance to lift French troops far into the air to view the enemy. All I know is that it flew effortlessly and it was quite relaxing lying on the large granite stones while the kite kissed the sky.

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