Friday, July 10, 2009


So today I rented a car to travel south to Kent and Bellevue for business. Although I love Bellingham, it is always neat to see some of the other parts of Washington. Especially when someone else can drive and I can look out the window and daydream.

And coming down the hill by Boeing Field on I-5 offered a wonderful view of Seattle in all its splendor. And then the call came from the pinhead banker explaining...well I won't even get started today on our derelict banking system and the access to capital for those small businesses creating most (all?) of the job growth in this country while the large-cap companies continue to shed job or offshore them. And then there's the privately lheld Federal Reserve - accountable to no one and oversteppig its bounds now with all these toxic loans on its balance sheet while it steps into this brave new world. Congress and the rest of obviously don't seem to be alarmed by this recent transformation.

But I've been us for eighteen-plus hours. More tomorrow when I can think.

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