Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The chickens have moved to the back outbuilding attached to the garage. I think they liked the comfort of living in the home, but I am sure they will adapt. How sad that I sit here thinking about these animals huddled in the corner of their dark new home subjected to the wilds of this urban evening. Opossums, raccoons, cats,...I think they are safe in their new home. They'll be okay. The bantam is quite fiesty, and always jumping the fence in the back coop. I was told that he will eventually get too big. He crows in the morning, and I hope the neighbors are okay with that, as it get light around 4:30am here in the morning.

But on a brighter note, I did get some straw for the chickens (so far a single egg cost me sixty bucks), along with more cardboard to cover with the fir, pine and spruce wood chips in the front and side yards. I think the neighbors said they were okay with me covering their yard too. A hugely productive day, and hopefully an equally productive tomorow, so I am not stressed when I am trying to relax on my quasi-holiday set to begin in the latter part of the week.

Oh, and the picture of the bantie up top is not ours. Did you know that bantam chickens are amoung the oldest domesticated animals in the world?

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