Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Of the three attractive women in Pittsburgh that are not overweight, I think two of them can be found in Shadyside, a place I frequented and lived during much of my ten dark years spent in Pittsburgh in the nineties. So I went there for some coffee and business meetings this morning there in hopes of raising my spirits of an otherwise dismal visit to this forlorn city.

It didn't work, as the pervasive pall continued to suppress my usually resilient spirit. Other than a few glimmers of enjoyment (via friends and family), my time spent in Pittsburgh was depressing and despairing and my departure from Pittsburgh will not come soon enough. Tomorrow is thankfully off to Cleveland to visit more family. (The best part of my visit to Pittsburgh is frequently the "Welcome to Ohio" sign.) With the start to my vacation being so bad, it can only get better.

The beautiful stay in the Laurel Highlands so far the highlight of the trip and I wished I could have stayed there longer. But the Steel City drew me back like a bad relationship; tomorrow's itinerary looks brighter once I leave this rusty and deteriorating city. Off to sleep: the sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I can wake up and leave here.

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