Saturday, June 13, 2009

Orcas Island

"I'm still living in
the dream we had,

For me
it's not over...
-Neil Young

So I made it to Orcas (pronounced OR-kuss) Island and we stumbled upon some fabulous wind spilling down the west side of the island last night for a great sunset sail, adding to my repitiore last night some of the most splendid views I've seen in my life. I wish I had pictures, and hopefully my friend will forward me some to me. Then on to the Lower Tavern in East Sound for bar food with nary a moment to spare, as we just made last call for food just before ten. A sound sleep aboard his 1965 Islander 32 in the calm harbor.

Breakfast with another friend on the island, then up Mt. Constitution on my friend's motorcycle (I believe a 2002 BMW 1100RT). We rode to the top, although he is a much more advanced rider than I. Riding back, we swapped BMWs and he gave me a vote of confidence that my was running fine, in spite of needing some carburetor adjustments and synchronizing.

A nap on the ferry home rejuvinated me for the great ride up through the Chuckanuts and I sit here in my favorite coffee shop reconnecting to the world on the mainland. It is always nice to return to Bellingham. Although I love the islands, I do not know if I could ever enjoy living over there. The locals are great, but I can never understand why the people rushing there from the big cities of Seattle, Portland,... are always in such a harried rush to relax. I look forward to more trips to the islands this summer. Oh , and here is the link to the above picture.

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