Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Tomorrow I hope to begin a cleanse. Six days is the plan of only raw vegetables. And tean and veggie broth and coffee and some nicotine in the form of a cigarette - probably one a day. That's what's great about designing your own cleanse - you can add what you want. I think my last one was in August. I'm sure you'll hear more of this effort in the next few days.

Today was a day of renting a car: breakfast meeting in Everett, lunch meeting in Tacoma (see photo above that I took from somewhere on the web), and a later meeting in Kent. And then back through the mayhem of Seattle, the land of expensive cars with tinted windows and shiny wheels and sad faces. Upon returning home, I needed to decompress and gladly shed the rental for my bike - down to watch the sun set at Boulevard Park. I wonder how many Seattle-ites took the time to watch the sun set? Poor people.

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