Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week End

Another great day. A run of good weather - something I have not been accustomed to in June in Bellingham. Usually it's rainy and cloudy. But I've heard the precipitation for the year is slightly above average. An evening spent in Happy Valley, and the headwind that confronted me as I rode over the top of Western's campus was a nice tailwind to carry me home. It's sort of neat when you are riding and cannot feel any wind becuase your riding at the same speed of the wind (around 20mph). That was the case with the usual southwesterlies blowing off Resario Straits and pushing me home.

It is nice to finally have some structiure back in my life with work seemingly gravititating toward a more predictable path (relatively speaking). Ending the first full day of the cleanse and only five more full days to go. I am sure you will hear more. Mostly raw veggies and fruits, interspersed with occassional caffeine. The real fun licks in around Day Three where you start to feel the effects of the cleanse. A lot of people in Bellingham see to be into these, but I do not recall where the idea came from for me.

I feel like I'm not making too much sense tonight, so it's off to sleep. The picture was taken out the front door this morning.

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