Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Here's a picture taken a few blocks from my house. It was a gas line explosion that occurred near Whatcom Creek. Oh, but it happened ten years ago, on this day. A few people were killed - two kids, I believe. This picture was taken from the Bellingham Herald. As with most things in Bellingham, there are conspiracy theories out there as to what really happened, but offhand I cannot remember what they suggested.

But last night, at our weekly garden parties, the food looked oh so tempting and I am going through a period of stress and transition and all sorts of other justifications for ending my cleanse and partaking in the fine food that was prepared: the salmon and cheeses and breads a salads. A bounty of food. And a perfect time to break my fast. Raw fruits and veggies for almost six days. Fortunately, the momentum carried forward and I had a salad tonight versus the standard cookies or ice cream. But now that I think of it, cookies sound pretty good...

Time to get some rest, as tomorrow I need to be in Seattle by eight. Ugh. That means leaving at six and hoping I miss the ever present Everett congestion.

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