Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here is the bridge and creek right next to the post office in town. A picture obviously not taken today, although I recall something called the sun; just wait until the deep throes of winter - still ahead - and Solstice has not even hit yet (although I was invited to a celebration on Monday at a friend's house).

Some days when I am at peace, I walk along this trail. Most days however, like today, I biked to the post office and then to the bank, and forget about this gem nestled in the bosom of Bellingham.

Another winter day where much was planned, but some extensive cleaning took place, especially in the kitchen. It was never that messy, but sometimes you need to get the toothbrushes, Brillos and Comet out. Having a clean house always makes me feel a bit better.

And a Ry Cooder CD, I, Flathead, keeps getting played again and again on my CD player. Another musical door I've opened on a fluke: There's a cute librarian that I see all around town and I whimsically grabbed this CD so I could check it out and talk to her. A great choice.

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