Saturday, December 5, 2009


Last night I was only going to stay out until midnight. First dinner at Jalapenos, then to a gallery for the art walk. Then home for a night which easily could have been getting tio bed around ten. But that was the time I was to meet friends out a the Wild Buffalo, although I only was going to stay out until midnight. Well until midnight came around, then it turned into hearing a fabulous band - Five Alarm Funk - play into the wee hours of the morning. A night where town was full of people and the (cold) weather didn't seem to keep many at home.

This morning I need to shove off to Portland for a trade show on Monday and Tuesday, although I could easily spend it here n Bellingham doing stuff around the house and relaxing. But once I'm on the road, I am sure it will be enjoyable driving the 250 miles to Oregon on I-5.

I've made many cross country trips and other long journeys by car in my day, but after not owning a car for a few years, I find driving to have lost its luster. And besides, crowded highways full of angry people in rush to get nowhere as fast as possible is not very enticing. But traveling the grey ribbon of open road is, and I haven't been south of Tacoma in almost a year.

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