Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I can follow who searches this web log using certain words and phrases. Over the last two days, all the searches bringing people to this site were for seeking information on gangs. For a brief while, my career included working as a senior marketing executive (ie, moonlighting as a convenience store clerk in Happy Valley) and an older woman used to come in and tell me how "the gangs" moved into her neighborhood nearby, when all I really got from her story was a few black people moved in from LA and frequently used foul language and played really loud music.

I am sure that gangs exist, although I am out and about all the time in town (including the last few days walking Magilla) and I've never felt threatened anything like I'd experienced in numerous situations back east.

But enough of that.

This morning on my bike at 8:30 riding down my street - the deep blue sky and sun and dry air from the north felt just like a Lake Tahoe day. The only difference being that in Lake Tahoe it's that way pretty much every day of the winter - unless, of course, a front blows through and dumps three inches an hour for two days straight on the Sierra Nevadas - but with the altitude and arid air holding a much, much deeper blue.

And tonight a beautiful full moon (as I write this at 12:20am it is 100% full) and a ride into town to drop off the movie turned into a ride up Holly to Broadway and I really didn't want to come in (akin to the days of yore when a fresh snow had fallen and it was a school night but the sledding was so good and you prayed that you wouldn't have school anyway in the morning) but things needed to be done (like writing aimlessly here) and now it's time to sleep.

I regularly get eight-plus hours of sleep per night these days (except for yesterday), and it's nice to never really be tired. I think it's been quite some time since I yawned, but I really don't think that I'm too cognizant of my yawning tendencies anyway.

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