Tuesday, December 29, 2009


SO I am sitting here typing away watching a movie cleaning up a Quickbooks file being a general dork not being nearly able to comprehend the thoughts that six months from now I am usually gearing up to head out for the evening to watch the sun set with two hours of the day remaining - the best part of the day; today I am deep in the throes of winter feeling inclined to already wind the night down at 7:25pm. I got nine hours of sleep last night and hope to get another nine tonight. I am following the lead of our resident dog, Magilla. She seems to be sleeping twenty hours a day versus her otherwise active summertime of sixteen hours of sleep.

I think all mammals fare better by getting more sleep in the winter.

I found some old pictures. The one below is the wall a few blocks from my house (behind the high school) where there used to be a graffiti wall. A free form canvas allowing kids to express themselves in one of the few places where it was tolerated. They now occasionally scribble something there and it soon gets painted over. I really miss the old wall.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jeff, Magilla and flatmate.....