Friday, December 18, 2009


Yesterday I was able to travel to many points south and once again realize how lucky I am to return back to Bellingham to my 1928 coal miner's house. Renton, Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, Seattle,... in my trusty little pick-up with my laptop by my side with Mapquest guiding me over hill and dale.

After a general day of stressful traversing King County, I headed north on the interstate and jumped off at Everett at a fueling depot. Staring up at the soulless concrete bridge of US2 high above - starting here and heading all the way across the country (much of this route I've traveled in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Minnesota). Another guy pulled up in a panel van - he was heading south and I was heading north. A friendly exchange of words and I was on my way.

I guess people as a whole are wonderful and warm. It's too bad we live in such a fear driven society. My day's dénouement at a CFN in Everett.

And weather wise it was a typical Pacific Northwest day, with only only one cloud in the sky: It stretched from Kelso to Ketchikan.

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